Podcasts are a simple way to take in both education and inspiration while on the go. Whether you have a long commute to work or need something to keep you entertained on the treadmill, a podcast is a great way to kill time. Almost all podcasts are free and they are hosted on a slew of platforms They have also become a leading form of marketing for businesses in various industries. Simply put, there is a podcast for everything so no matter what your interests are, there is something for you.

The team at ADMIN recently shared our favorite business podcasts and after some positive feedback on the post, we decided to make a podcast series. Today we are sharing some motivational podcasts that we think you all will enjoy listening to. Here are the top 5:

A theme that you might see on this list is books that turned into a great podcast. That’s the case for School of Greatness by Lewis Howes. Lewis is a former professional athlete who, after a career ending injury, found himself broke both financially and mentally. Since then, he has dedicated his life to finding motivation through the stories of other ‘great’ people. If you enjoyed the Tim Ferris podcast we mentioned in our last post, you will love this podcast just as much (we do!). Lewis Howes has the most diverse group of guests on his show to discuss everything from business to health and even relationships. The variety allows you to take a little something from each and every episode.

Magic Lessons also started as a book by the innovative Elizabeth Gilbert (most known for writing Eat, Pray, Love). Once released, the book exploded and was quickly a bestseller. After seeing how many people were responding positively to her work in Magic Lessons, Gilbert turned the idea into a podcast. Each episode of the podcast starts with a fan calling in to talk about his/her struggles in various areas of life. Whether it be career or personal development, each person is often struggling with something that is holding them back from what it is they really want to achieve. Elizabeth takes time to give her take on the issues and then brings in an outside voice to share their opinion. Elizabeth keeps it real by having the episode be conversational rather than a monologue of her thoughts.

We first discovered Marie and all her motivational content on YouTube. In fact, her podcast is sort of an extension of the conversations you will find on her YouTube show which is why we are such dedicated listeners. Marie covers everything from career change to fears that hold you back and even dives into techniques that can lower stress and build productivity. Her fun take on serious issues makes the material so much easier to digest and keeps you coming back for more. She also hosts some great interviews with people such as a few other faces on this podcast list (Lewis Howes and Elizabeth Gilbert to name a few!)

While some podcasts may be heavily focused on one specific topic or trend, Optimal Living Daily does a great job touching on a slew of subjects which keep things interesting. From money to relationships, to health and fitness – this podcast has you covered. There is a heavy focus on personal development and productivity but the variety of content keeps things entertaining.  Host, Justin Malik, refers to his podcast as an audioblog so if you find yourself unable to sit down for long enough to digest some good blog material, this is a great way to get the goods on the go! Optimal also has subject-specific podcasts like Optimal Finance Daily and Optimal Business Daily if you are looking to narrow down the material.

Much like Elizabeth Gilbert, Dan Harris published a book titled 10% Happier and a podcast was developed from the immediate recognition the book received. The book was the result of a nationally televised panic attack Dan had while hosting a segment on ABC News and it immediately became a best seller. The podcast takes things a step further by opening up the conversation on the effective nature of mindfulness and how it can impact all aspects of your life. Mindfulness has become a priority for some of the top businesses in the World right now (think Huffington Post). This podcast does a brilliant job detailing how you can integrate various mindful techniques into your own life. Dan has a slew of guests join him in the mindfulness discussion; from celebrities to authors to scientists.


We want to know! What are some of your favorite motivational podcasts? Share them with us in the comment section below!