After seeing all of the engagement that our podcast posts bring in, the ADMIN team has been eager to find other sources of media that inspires us in business. It seemed natural to turn to TED Talks as they are some of our favorite forms of motivation and education. We can’t seem to get enough of the diverse group of speakers and the endless amount of topics to choose from. Here are five business TED Talks we think you should watch.


Amy Edmonson, a business school professor, discusses her research on people coming together to solve problems, even if for a temporary period of time. Edmonson’s research on “teaming” illustrates the components of strangers coming together for a common goal (or to work through a presented challenge). Check out the episode here.

Adam Grant believes there are three types of people in the workplace: givers, takers and matchers. Want to learn which one you are? His TedTalk walks you through each type of personality. Grant also shares what he believes promotes a culture of generosity in a work environment and helps employees give as much as they take. Check out the episode here.

We all know that no matter what business you are in, the industry is constantly moving forward and evolving. This sense of change can often scare people, especially those leading others in the workplace. Hemerling shares five imperatives that focus on putting others first which helps leaders empowering everyone in their business. Check out the episode here.

Author and Harvard Professor, Linda Hill, takes us all on a ride down creativity lane with her discussion on collective creativity. Her studies of some of the top creative companies in the world have led her to develop a new mindset on leadership, one that allows you to find creativity within your daily tasks and gets the great ideas ‘locked’ inside of you out into the world. Check out the episode here.

Wendy Woods has been called a ‘social impact strategist’ and for good reason. Her conversation is filled with data-related information, but also a great deal of insight on how businesses can ensure that their work does good outside the walls of their own business. Woods belief is based on improving corporate social responsibility which leads to an overall social impact; a benefit that both a company and society can feel. Check out the episode here.


Tell us: what are some of your favorite TED Talks? Leave your recommendations in the comment section below!