ADMIN Partners is committed to creating new educational opportunities for all of our clients including financial advisors, plan sponsors, and plan participants. This has inspired us to create our brand new Education Services Video Series titled ‘ADMIN Partners with You.’ We realize that it can be a challenge understanding the provisions of a retirement plan. With this in mind, we have our very own Customer Services staff guide you through your most asked questions on your retirement plan(s).

The first video in our educational series discusses Hardship Withdrawals. What is a Hardship Withdrawal? How you can apply? How can ADMIN help you? These are just some of the questions that we answer for you. Along with an overview of Hardship Withdrawals, we also demonstrate how to execute requesting one from your current Plan.



We hope that you enjoy this video and we look forward to presenting new videos in the weeks to come. To see more video content from the ADMIN team, check out our YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe!