Podcasts are a simple way to take in both education and inspiration while on the go. Whether you have a long commute to work or need something to keep you entertained on the treadmill, a podcast is a great way to kill time. Almost all podcasts are free and they are hosted on a slew of platforms. They have also become a leading form of marketing for businesses in various industries. Simply put, there is a podcast for everything so no matter what your interests are, there is something for you. With this in mind, we have created this here podcast series on the blog where we share our top podcast recommendations with you!

It’s been a while since we brought you a short list of our favorite podcasts, but we are back and this list is really going to impress (at least we think so.) Typically, we like to find podcasts that fit a specific theme for these posts, but we decided to bring it back to basic business. No matter what industry you are in, there is always a good use for information that motivates you and pushes you in business. So, whether you’re a manager who wants a better dynamic with your employees or you’re looking for some encouragement in your quest to start a new venture, these podcasts will have you covered!

The topic of women in business is one that should not be ignored. From pay gaps to the penalties women experience in becoming a mother, there is an ever-evolving discussion around great women in business and how they fight through the odds to success. This podcast is one of our favorites as it not only touches on how various women in business battles sexism to reach their success, but it also provides a background into some pretty amazing women that you might not know. From Estee Lauder to Julia Child, there are a slew of inspiring and innovative stories to listen to.

START WITH THIS EPISODE: Brownie Wise – The Art of Selling

Tom Bilyeu is one of our favorite sources of inspiration in the workplace (we especially love his content on Twitter and Instagram.) Naturally, we find the same amount of motivation and insight on development and growth from his podcast. Tom, a serial entrepreneur, has one of those podcasts that covers everything; it truly is all about work/life balance. You will find episodes that help you start pursuing a career in a new and unknown industry as well as episodes that better your relationship with a significant other.

START WITH THIS EPISODE: Nastia Liukin – What you Need to Be the Best

Ever feel like giving up or maybe you feel like you are not enough to even start trying? Well, this podcast is perfect for you. Rise is the podcast that will remind you of your capabilities and inspire you to tackle the things you want most personally and professionally. Rachel, author of ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’, does a great job of leading those hard to have conversations and while you always take some encouragement away from each episodes, Rachel doesn’t hold back. She inspires you and kicks your butt all at once!

START WITH THIS EPISODE: The Lie – I’ll Start Tomorrow

Driven from her blog, Alison Green created the Ask A Manager podcast to help people with everything from workplace drama to predicaments you may face with co-workers (even managers!) What we love most about the podcast is that it’s not your typical self-help style of podcasting. Real people ask real-life questions about work and Alison provides her best advice on how to manage difficult situations these real people face in the workplace. Is there a family dynamic in the office? Are you burned out over your workload? Maybe you are butting heads with someone in management? The range of topics are endless and we can’t get enough!

START WITH THIS EPISODE: My coworker leans on us for help way too much. 

If you likes ‘How I Built This’ which we featured on our first Podcast Post (here) then you will love this one! Household Name, a new podcast from Business Insider, digs into the captivating stories behind some of the biggest brands in business. Some of the stories you hear are not just surprising, but show just how unexpected success can be. Host Dan Bobkoff showcases major companies such as Trader Joe’s!