Here at ADMIN, we are constantly working on enhancing our productivity both as a company and as individuals. For inspiration, we will often turn to things like TEDTalks and podcasts. In fact, that is why we started our podcast series here on our blog. This same initiative has encouraged us to start a new monthly series on the blog that is dedicated to books that have influenced our team. Welcome to the Monthly Book Review.


When it came to June’s book review, the ADMIN team wanted something that motivated them to tackle their summer to-do list. Hey, it can be hard to stay focused when the warm weather and beautiful beaches are calling your name. This search led us to ‘Do The Work’ by Steven Pressfield. If the title alone doesn’t peak your interest, the content of the book will!

‘Do the Work’ is a follow up to Pressfield’s popular book ‘The War of Art’ (a book we also love), which was aimed to those in a more creative industry and was focused on what Steven believes is the one thing that holds everyone back from doing what they love: Resistance. It is this resistance, Steven says, that pushes us away and distracts us from doing the work we want and love to do. Ever start a project and then have it fall to the side unfinished? That’s resistance creeping in and working its magic against you. In ‘Do the Work’ Pressfield builds off of this idea and loops the concept of resistance into those working in a business on entrepreneurial environment. The logic behind the book is simple: start doing before you think you’re ready and start doing even if you are not sure you are doing it right.

Most people take too much time worrying if they have planned enough, prepared enough, and are ready enough to go after what it is they want. Pressfield shatters that notion by saying that most people who succeed at their goals are never prepared or ready; they just do it. There’s a sense of blind faith (which Steven refers to as acting stupid) that the achievers have. They know they may not being doing it perfectly and they may face difficulties at times, but they are working towards something which is always better than not working on anything at all. This action that one takes regardless of how prepared they feel, is a weapon against resistance and will help you from the beginning of a project to the very end. It will carry you through road blocks and help you move forward, which in business and in life, is the only direction you should go.


What was your favorite read this month? Share your monthly book review in the comments below!