This week is ADMIN’s Client Appreciation Week! We wanted to dedicate a week to the clients who make it possible for ADMIN Partners to manage the retirement plan administration for over 700 plans. Something that sets ADMIN apart is that we have more than just one type of client. In fact, our list of clients falls into three different categories: Investment Firms, Financial Advisors, and Plan Sponsors/Participants. These groups all contribute to our business in different ways, so let’s explore exactly who are clients really are.

When it comes to ADMIN Partners, some might think that we are in competition with the financial advisors working the retirement industry. However, that is not the case. Along with being a non-producing TPA, ADMIN has used our relationships with financial advisors to create our current business model.  The relationships we have built with advisors have allowed us the opportunity to focus on plan administration/compliance without having to dedicate our energy to the product being offered. In fact, a majority of our business is presented to us in the form of referrals from financial advisors across the country. Independent advisors as well as those working directly for an investment company, reach out to ADMIN to help them facilitate a retirement plan that best fits the need of the organization they are working with.

ADMIN’s commitment to financial advisors has expanded over the years to a point where we now prioritize providing as much educational material for advisors as we do for the sponsors of the Plan. We believe in the importance of developing an advisor’s expertise in the tax-exempt and government markets as much as we believe in evolving our own knowledge. This special relationship allows ADMIN to work as a collaborative team with advisors in the 403(b) industry.


Want to learn more about how our relationships with various financial advisors can help you build a plan that fits your organization’s needs? Feel free to contact our Sales Manager, Greg Verna, at 856-382-3501 or you can reach us via email at [email protected]