As soon as we saw the title of this book, we knew that we had to put it into our Monthly Book Review for June. We have shared a number of posts on leadership in the past (see them here) and we are always looking to learn more. David Marquet, a former US navy captain, made waves in the world of business books when he released his first book ‘Turn the Ship Around.’ His follow up book ‘Leadership is Language’ continues his conversation on using communication to boost teams.

Marquet believes that the most effective tool when it comes to leading groups of people is communication and it’s hard to argue that. Language is a staple when it comes to working with others – no matter what role they are in. In fact, communication is a vital aspect when it comes to any aspect of business including conflict resolution, high-pressure decision making, praise for a job well done, and even everyday tasks like emails and meetings. How we communicate with those around us leaves a lasting mark which is why those in leadership roles should be considerate of their language in the workplace.

In ‘Leadership is Language’ David Marquet provides a number of tools and techniques that leaders can use to better communicate with their teams. He focuses in on small changes that we can make in order to strengthen our communication habits. These tips have helped a variety of leaders create happier work environments and more successful teams.

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