We have talked before on importance of using a full-service TPA. While the term ‘full-service’ can mean different things to different TPA firms, to ADMIN it means providing a range of services that meet the needs of an organization with transparency around costs.

One aspect of our services that you don’t see commonly discussed is ADMIN’s free plan consultation. ADMIN Partners does business with the understanding that not every TPA is a good fit for every organization. The way we determine if ADMIN is the right fit is by asking questions and completing a comprehensive plan consultation. Doing this allows ADMIN to get a better understanding of the organization, where their existing Plan stands today (if applicable) and what ADMIN can do to better the Plan’s over success.

As a TPA, we understand that there is only a small percentage of individuals who really understand the inner workings of the retirement market. As experts in the industry, we use out time and energy navigating conversations with organizations in the tax-exempt and government markets to help educate them in their Plan’s design and overall operation.

We like to think of it as if ADMIN were a doctor and the retirement plans we service being our patients. It our job to diagnose any issues pertaining to both the document and operations of the Plan. ADMIN’s team then works to implement processes that ensure the Plan continues to operate in a compliant manner going forward. Our number one priority is to make sure our clients are at optimal health!

Now ask yourself, is your Plan in good health?

To learn more about ADMIN and to see how you can get a free plan consultation, contact us at 877-484-4400, option 2 or via email at contact@youradminpartners.com.