Like many companies around the world, ADMIN Partners has been working remotely in response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. While doing so has not interrupted our services, working from home has created a new dynamic for our employees. No longer able to interact in person on a daily basis, our team has had to find creative ways in which we can stay connected and build on our relationships with one another. Not only does team building allow us to feel united as a group, but it also benefits how we work together when servicing our clients.

Knowing just how important team building is to our mental health and to our productivity, ADMIN Partners has developed ways in which we can continue to build on our team environment while working from home. Here’s an inside look at how:


There are lots of benefits to working from home, but one aspect of working in an office setting that is often missed from home is the sense of community. Interacting with co-workers throughout the day allows people to feel connected personally to one another. While working remotely erases this and sometimes leaves people feeling isolated, there are apps available that will allow employees to chat throughout the day and use video tools to meet. Applications like Microsoft Teams, Bria Teams, and Google Chat allows teams of people to interact on a more personal level. They do this by offering virtual meetings/call, interactive chat that can expand into groups (or teams) and some will even let you collectively work on documents/presentations through a shared presentation.


Another aspect that is often missed when working remotely are company happy hours. This is especially the case in the summer months! ADMIN’s team did not want to miss out on our gatherings and so we recently hosted a virtual happy hour via a Zoom call and it was a total success. While our teams used the hours to catch up while sipping on our favorite cocktails, there are also lots of creative happy hour ideas for those who are hosting them virtually. So whether you decide to do a dress-up theme night, signature cocktail event or even play some virtual games, be sure to keep up the happy hour routine. It’s a great way to bond with one another, even if from the comfort of your own couch.


Since going into quarantine, ADMIN’s CEO, Mark Heisler, has hosted a weekly staff meeting each and every Friday. This time allows everyone to come together for a quick 30 minute call to catch-up on what is happening throughout the company. Company staff calls, no matter how frequent, ensure that everyone is on the same page. Use this time to update on the current COVID-19 climate, give shout outs to individuals who stood out during the week, and allow some time for employees to ask questions or share concerns they have. These quick calls can make a big difference and are a nice way to wrap up the week for the staff.

We want to know: What are some ways you are team building while working remotely? Share them in the comments section below!