Podcasts are a simple way to take in both education and inspiration while on the go.Whether you have a long commute to work or need something to keep you entertained on the treadmill, a podcast is a great way to kill time. Almost all podcasts are free and they are hosted on a slew of platforms. They have also become a leading form of marketing for businesses in various industries. Simply put, there is a podcast for everything so no matter what your interests are,there is something for you. With this in mind, we have created this here podcast series on the blog where we share our top podcast recommendations with you!

We are back and wrapping up 2018 with a podcast series that can impact anyone in any industry:sales! Sales drives all businesses, no matter what industry you are in. With that in mind, we wanted to compile a list of podcasts that are focused on growing your sales. Whether it be tools to help you bring in more leads, techniques on how to better interact with prospects, or tips on how to be more productive out in the field, these podcasts have it covered.

One thing that seem sto be lost in the modern sales community is engagement, especially when it comes to how salespeople interact with others. Whether you struggle with approaching people at events or interacting with the in-office staff while you are on the road, this podcast dives deep into how to better those interactions.We love that the episodes are not too long, but posted frequently throughout the week. There are a slew of guests who share their experiences & advice on stronger engagements within the sales environment and we cannot get enough!

Start With This Episode: How Gratitude Can Boost Sales Productivity

When combing through the lists of sales podcast that are available to listen to (heads up: there area lot), we consistently saw B2B Growth pop up. The podcast has quite a following and after plunging into their library of content, we can see why. If the expertise of hosts James & Jonathan are not enough, there are an infinite number of guests who join in and share their insights on any topic relating to B2B. Topics include team building, creating a strong company culture, and a multitude of techniques for building better marketing strategies.

Start With This Episode: Employee Involvement on Social Media w/ Brian Stern

Even after listening to just a few episodes of Entrepreneur on Fire, we immediately understood why this podcast made it on the ‘Best of iTunes’ list. Host John Lee Dumas is an Iraq war veteran who has featured some of our favorite fellow entrepreneurs(think Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin) to share insights on success,failure, and everything in between. We love that we get to hear the stories from some of the top entrepreneurs in business today and we especially love to hear the good and the bad from each person’s journey. Each episode gives you a dose of reality with a splash of motivation.

Start With This Episode: How to Stand Out In a Crowded Market and Build a Business with SOUL

The name of this podcast pretty much sums up the overall theme, but not all success stories are linear. Much like the EOF podcast (above) these stories share the lessons that guest industry leaders and business luminaries have experienced. The episodes are a little longer than others on this list, but worth every minute. The podcast itself was built for those salespeople who are out in the field working each day; people who are making connections and executing successful sales.There are tips on how to create winning strategies and advice from host Scott Ingram who uses the podcast to improve his own set of sales skills.

Start With This Episode: Kevin Walkup —Leverage Your Network

As soon as we found a podcast made for busy professionals – episodes are 10 minutes or less – we immediately hit the subscribe button. Sure, it’s great to take an hour and listen to someone’s journey from start to finish, but occasionally you just don’t have enough time. Fitting in quick 10 minute tips is both effortless and effective. Host,Chris Hamilton, uses his 20+ years of sales experience to share ‘how to’ techniques that will improve your skills out on the field and in the office.

Start With This Episode: The Most Important Email you Can Send

We Want To Know! What podcasts are you loving right now? Share them with us in the comment section below!