For the month of February, ADMIN’s team wanted to select a book that could apply to any business in any industry. We searched through endless book lists and landed on Shift Ahead by Allen Adamson & Joel Steckel. While the concept of the book stood out for us, it was the comprehensive case studies that really hooked us once we started reading. If you have ever considered how your business can keep its edge in a World where economy and technology never stop moving, this is a book for you!

Along with the threat of evolving business practices, companies can face challenges within their own success. Sounds silly, but this is something that businesses have faced for decades. Example: Company A finds a business method that provides them with a great deal of success. Company A continues this method without considering the development of their customer, advancing technology, politics, and practices such as outsourcing. Company A starts to see their numbers fall and their customers leave. What happened?

Shift Ahead features over a hundred interviews and case studies from some of the top long-standing companies (think Barnes & Noble and P&G). While these companies and executives have seen years of success, they have also faced the inevitable challenges that question the longevity and relevancy of their business. This book sheds light on how companies are working to staying ahead of the curve and how they manage to evolve as the wants and needs of their customers change. We especially loved the focus placed on the impact leaders have in the workplace and how vital it is for them to be able to shift as the demands of the business change over time.

Overall, the ADMIN team thoroughly enjoyed this read and felt it was a relevant story line no matter what industry you are in. Business strategies are built within the walls of a company and this book is a great way to get employees of all levels thinking beyond the here and now. It’s not about just learning from the success you have. It’s about learning and growing.