Podcasts are a simple way to take in both education and inspiration while on the go. Whether you have a long commute to work or need something to keep you entertained on the treadmill, a podcast is a great way to kill time. Almost all podcasts are free and they are hosted on a slew of platforms. They have also become a leading form of marketing for businesses in various industries. Simply put, there is a podcast for everything so no matter what your interests are, there is something for you. With this in mind, we have created this here podcast series on the blog where we share our top podcast recommendations with you!

One of the most well-received series that we shared on the blog last year was our podcast series – and for good reason! We found some pretty amazing podcasts last year and learned a lot from each one of them. From tips on how to better lead people in business to ways that you can boost your personal growth, we covered a number of topics in the podcast world. We decided to keep the series going this year and are kicking things off with one of our favorite topics: teamwork. Nothing boost productivity in the workplace than bringing people together, but creating effective teams in business isn’t always easy. Here are 5 podcasts that can help you promote teamwork!

We’re All in This Together – Mike Robbins

Mike Robbins perfectly blends the topics of leadership and teamwork in the all-encompassing podcast ‘We’re All In This Together.’ Mike has almost 20 years of professional experience working with big-time companies such as Microsoft, Google, and even the NBA. Needless to say – he knows a little something about how teams can positively impact business. We love the combinations of interviews as well as insights and techniques on how you can improve the performance of your own team.

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Shannon Waller’s Team Success – Shannon Waller

As a leading team expert with Strategic Coach since 1995, Shannon Waller has a ton of knowledge on how to make teams efficient and productive. After completing the Team Success Handbook, Shannon created this podcast which is home to a variety of episodes on any and everything relating to teamwork. From changing your worry into creativity to finding strategies that will better collaboration within a team, this podcast has it all!

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At The Table – Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni knows a lot about business – every aspect of business. With this expertise in hand, he has created a podcast that helps people in business optimize the way they work. This podcast has something for everyone and will impact you no matter what industry you work in. Need some inspiration as you become a leader in your organization? Want to better understand how you can work with various personality types in the office? ‘At The Table’ has you covered.

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Science-Based Business Success PodcastValerie Patrick, Ph.D.

Believe it or not, social science has a major impact on business and especially on how teams operate in the workplace. With that in mind, Dr. Valerie Patrick created a podcast to tackle all of the science-based business strategies that we can take with us as we work with others. This podcast does a great job of breaking down the research around cognitive neuroscience and behavioral psychology and applying it to experiences that we can all have in and out of the office.

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Outback Talks: The Employee Engagement Podcast

We stumbled on this podcast by chance and we couldn’t be happier we did! This is a great resource for business professionals who want to better understand how to build an engaged team in the workplace. Each episode is packed with tips and advice on team building and there are some powerful interviews with leading experts in business. There are even some great episodes on how you can use community outreach to better teams in business. A great listen!

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Looking for more podcast recommendations? Check out our full series here and let us know what some of your favorite shows are in the comments below!