THRIVE: The Leaders Guide to Building a High-Performance Culture

A new year means a new stack of books and reviews to share with you all. We are kicking things off in 2021 with a book that deep dives into high-performance culture for businesses. Thrive by Andrew Freeman and Paul Elliot dives into the ways in which leaders can clearly define what high-performance means to them and their teams. This top selling book also evaluates the way in which companies can embed excellence into their teams and amplify their company culture.

We have talked extensively about the importance of culture when it comes to running a successful business. Freedman and Elliot expand on this concept and use Thrive as a real guide for building culture from the leadership of a business down. From insights into how you can create quality organizational systems to tips on how you can accelerate the results from your teams, this book really has it all. In fact, included in the book are helpful tools and templates that readers can use when taking the concepts from the book into their workplace. All in all, this was a great read and one that inspired us to evaluate and boost our own company culture here at ADMIN.

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