As part of our commitment to providing continuous retirement planning education, ADMIN Partners is adding a new series to our blog: 3 Questions Thursday! This series will be an opportunity for ADMIN to introduce you to leading Financial Advisors working in the retirement space. Each month a new Advisor will join us in answering 3 questions that can help Plan Sponsors and Participants better understand how to benefit from their retirement plan(s).

Today we are showcasing Wes Ifan with Kobo Wealth Strategies. ADMIN’s sales team was introduced to Wes a few years back and have since built a great rapport with the emerging advisor. He is the CEO and Senior Financial Advisor of Kobo Wealth Strategies and has over 15 years of experience in financial planning. We were especially excited to feature Wes due to his expertise in the church/religious organization retirement planning space. As you may recall from our ADMIN Education series (here), the unique plan design for churches and religious organizations requires a proficiency that supports Plan Sponsors and their Participants. In today’s 3 Questions Thursday, Wes shares what brought him to this sector of retirement planning and advise on saving for your future during these uncertain times.

As we enter a new year, 2021 is filled with such uncertainty.  In your opinion, what are some ways that financial advisors can stay relevant during such times? 

“The best ways financial advisors can stay relevant are to remain active in social media by posting content that connects with their followers both written, graphic, and video.  Also, education is a great way to engage the public in your areas of expertise and position yourself as an expert in the marketplace.”

ADMIN Partners has had the pleasure in doing business with you over the past few years, particularly in Church retirement plans.  What would you say drives this passion? 

“As someone who grew up in church my whole life, I understand the difficulties that churches and particularly pastors have with finances.  I wanted to make sure that part of my practice focused on helping pastors and church staff to have access to the advice they need and the resources to be successful financially.  The partnership with Admin Partners helps me do it in a professional and cost-effective way.”

How would you advise plan sponsors to encourage employees to save for retirement during such financially challenging times?

“The key is not to stop saving.  Even if you have to reduce your contributions, the key is to keep saving.  I know that can be challenging during these times.  Plan sponsors should work with the advisors to promote education and financial literacy.  Especially now with everyone used to Zoom and other video platforms, you can provide 30 minute quarterly education for the employees which I think helps.”

To learn more about Wes and his work in financial planning, visit the Kobo Wealth Strategies website. You can also connect with Wes online via his Instagram and LinkedIn.

Kobo Wealth Strategies is a branch office of Securities America. Securities offered through Securities America, Inc Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through Securities America Advisors, Inc. Kobo Wealth Strategies and Securities America are separate entities. 

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